Hello everyone,

I am Jiyu Wang. I come from Jinan, Shandong province, where is a coastal province of China. My hometown is a historical and beautiful city and it has played an important role in Chinese history. I live in Victoria with my friends right now. This is my fourth year at Uvic with the major of Economics. I chose this field of study because I feel very interested in finance and economics. My favorite academic subjects at Uvic are economics and mathematics. I think I am good at solving logical and mathematical problems. I plan to finish all my courses and graduate after this term. After graduation, I want to apply for post-graduate courses in the major of economics as well. I like watching movies and going traveling with my friends during the vacation. In my opinion, going traveling can not only broaden my horizons, but also can help me to get more original and creative thoughts. I have been to many different countries all over the world, such as Japan, Korean, and U.S. I think traveling and exploring new places is very fun! I feel happy to meet with you guys and take this course this term. Thank you.